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My coffee picks 2020

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My favourite coffee shops. List expanding.

Coffee Analog

@Prince Edward

Opens at 9am - sometimes breakfast available. It’s a coffee shop in the morning, and turns into a whisky bar at night.

Nice place to stay and enjoy coffee.

Black Sugar Coffee

@Tsim Sha Tsui @Central @Ho Man Tin

A cute and profession coffee shop where you see Shiba around! Nice vibe and great pastry.

Craft Coffee Roaster

@Tai Kok Tsui

Award-winning coffee roaster. Great place to taste high quality hand brew coffee. The shop itself is ralatively tiny. Good news is: It’s a profession roaster, so you can bring their beans home.

ARF Cafe

@Sai Wan

A classy cafe in Sai Wan. Every coffee is served in a fireking mug. There are live shows held in the cafe as well. it’d be a amazing coffee shop to spend your day.

When I’m not at the coffee house, I’m on the way to the coffee house. - Peter Altenberg